Reframing the PhD for Australia’s future universities | What Happened
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What Happened


February 2018

Final Report

Final report presented to the Australian Government. For a copy go to the “Final Report” page on the home page of this site.

February 2018

Briefing Paper 5

Reframing the Australian PhD for stewardship through candidature milestones: shaping a curriculum conversation

October 2017

State discussion sessions on the project and PhD milestones

A series of one-day discussion sessions held in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne to disseminate project outcomes and to discuss the use of PhD milestones. More information is available on the “Reframing the PhD – State discussion sessions” page on the home page of this site.

October 2017

Briefing Paper 5: First draft

Reframing the Australian PhD for stewardship through candidature milestones: shaping a curriculum conversation – draft

June 2017

Conference presentation

Presentation at Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia conference

June 2017

Third progress report to OLT

April 2017

Cairns ACGR meeting

A presentation at the Cairns meeting of the ACGR

February 2017

Sydney roundtable meeting

A full day seminar with invited guests to disseminate project outcomes and collect additional ideas

December 2016

Conference presentation

Presentation at Society for Research in Higher Education conference

November 2016

Briefing Paper 4

Opportunities for developing stewardship in the Australian PhD

October 2016

Briefing Paper 3

Enhancing teacher-development in the current PhD

August 2016

Second progress report to OLT

August 2016

Launch of new website

July 2016

Briefing Paper 2

Stewardship: a way of analysing, integrating and providing intention to the curriculum of the Australian PhD

July 2016

Briefing Paper 1

Teacher-development strategies and PhD programs

July 2016

Meeting 4

Discussion of case study results

June 2016

Conference presentation

Presentation at Academic Identities Conference

April 2016

Meeting 3

Discussion of interview and case study progress

April 2016

Conference presentations

Presentations by team members at Quality in Postgraduate Research, OLT and IDERN conferences

February-April 2016

Interviews and case studies

Interviews by each partner institution of 17 PhD students/early career academics/ program coordinators, and preparation of case studies on experiences of teacher-development using those data

February 2016

Meeting 2

Discussion of Briefing Paper drafts and proposed data collection

February 2016

First progress report to OLT

November 2015

Meeting 1 of full Project Team

On-line meeting on project planning

September 2015

Call for registration of interest in the project

Web-based sign-on page established

August 2015

Start of Reframing the PhD project